Kitsutaka has been producing Japanese-style rooms for 60 years.

The history of Kitsutaka started from a small tatami shop called Kitsutaka in 1955. Since then, we have grown into a company that has been at the forefront of manufacturing Japanese-style rooms in Japan for the last 60 years.

A lot of Japanese culture is based on the traditions of mainland China, but as a space designed to suit a climate that is high in humidity and accompanied by intense changes in the weather, a Japanese-style room is a culture unique to Japan that has been handed down over more than a thousand years.

Over the last 60 years, Kitsutaka has continued to make Japanese-style rooms that meet the needs of people living in the present era while still treasuring this tradition and culture. Kitsutaka’s determination to continue providing consistent and well-made Japanese-style rooms to suit the changes of the times has helped it produce rooms that are loved by many people.


Delivering refined Japanese spaces throughout the world.

As a space that combines both functionality to accommodate a variety of climates and a visual beauty that is unique to Japan, Japanese-style rooms have become highly-rated in overseas markets in recent years as well.

When people visit Japan on a tour, they also often stay in Japanese-style rooms in hotels and ryokans. Together with the increase in the number of visitors to Japanese, Japanese-style rooms have also slowly gained in popularity.

Enjoying the feel and fragrance unique to its natural materials, many of these people have also voiced a desire to incorporate the beauty of a Japanese-style room in their own homes. However, currently it is still very hard to obtain the raw materials to realize such a Japanese-style room overseas.

As a leading manufacturer of Japanese-style rooms in Japan, Kitsutaka’s mission is to take advantage of the internet and various other infrastructure to deliver refined Japanese-style rooms to any location in the world.

Kitsutaka’s products are made carefully one-by-one
by skilled craftsmen.


Many of Kitsutaka’s products are still created by the hands of skilled craftsmen with traditional methods that remain unchanged since its founding.

High-level skills are required to both create new ideas and continue traditions that have been handed down through the ages. It is also important to maintain these skills to ensure quality in the products that we supply to customers.


These skills and insistence on quality are valuable assets that are indispensable to a craftsman.

Raised as the eldest son of a small tatami shop owner, our company’s representative director Katsuhito Kitsutaka is very strict when it comes to such skills. He believes that our value lies in the very products created by the hands of our craftsmen.

Observe the skilled work of Kitsutaka, a company which continues to constantly focus on the foundations of craftsmanship even as mechanization advances in the modern era.